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Play Analysis

Watch the interview with Wajahat Ali (the playwright for The Domestic Crusaders) and then answer the following questions:

  1. Why is this play important to “theatre for social change”? Just from the interview, what issues do you think this play will cover? Why do you think this play is called The Domestic Crusaders?
  2. Response to Reading The Domestic Crusaders
    Recalling reading August Wilson’s Fences, how is this play similar/different than Fences?
  3. Wajahat Ali is a journalist. Why do you think that a journalist would feel compelled to write a play?
  4. How was it reading this play especially given the context that it was written after the September 11 attacks? How was it reading the play in current context given Islamophobia and society today? How does The Domestic Crusaders addressing social justice related issues?

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