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History Assignment
Please choose one of the following two essay choices and answer the questions that accompany your choice with a short essay at least four to six paragraphs in length. Your choices of short essay materials are: 1. What motivated the Spanish king to offer freedom to escaped British slaves who reached Spanish territory? 2. What happened to the slaves who participated in the Stono Rebellion? Why didn't...
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What to you think, is it EASIER to teach a new grammar when L1 of the learner possesses similar grammar rules or it is EASIER when the learner’s L1 has nothing to do with a new grammar?I believe that learning the basic structure and some vocabulary is very helpful to build upon, and you have to have a good teacher. However, classroom learning alone...
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Play Analysis
Watch the interview with Wajahat Ali (the playwright for The Domestic Crusaders) and then answer the following questions:
  1. Why is this play important to "theatre for social change"? Just from the interview, what issues do you think this play will cover? Why do you think this play is called The Domestic Crusaders?
  2. Response to Reading The Domestic Crusaders Recalling reading August Wilson's Fences, how is this play similar/different...
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Poem Analysis
Read the poems “Telephone Conversation” by Wole Soyinka and “On the Subway” by Sharon Olds.Write a 500 to 750 word essay comparing and contrasting the themes of these two poems. Remember that you should use the close reading method of Module 5 or the explication method of this module to gather evidence and quotes from the poems to support your thesis....
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Scope Creep in System Development
One of the problems that is often encountered during IS development is “scope creep”— that is, user requests for additional features and functions. Scope creep happens because sometimes users have many unsolved problems and the systems investigation may be the first time that anybody has listened to their needs. How do you keep the system from growing and including new functions that should not be...
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Art Response Paper
Response Paper;Artists create work to make the individual or collective unconscious visible – cultural, social or political.  Many contemporary artists are commenting on current social or political events.  Throughout history artists have expressed political or social experiences that reflect their own time.  Follow the guidelines to write a 2 page, double spaced response paper (SEE PART I, II AND II BELOW).  Cite your reference resources....
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Short Story Analysis
Please write an essay on three of the short stories, considering the function of imaginative empathy (from the reader) in understanding themes of the stories. You may consider the role of imaginative empathy toward all of the characters in “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”BY Ernest Hemingway; toward the Blackfoot mother and her two children in “Borders” by Thomas King; and toward the narrator in “The Boat.”...
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Environmental studies and Forestry
"Should the North American Landscape Be Restored to Its pre-Human State?"Read the pro and con arguments, do your own research on the web, and then present your fully supported (by cited sources) opinion on the topic. You will have to 'sift through' quite a bit of rhetoric on the subject and come to a scientific, informed opinion to receive full credit for your post. In...
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Infomercial Design
Using what you have learned in this chapter, come up with a product or service - something you haven't seen before. Design a 30 minute commercial (infomercial) for this imaginary product or service that you believe would be effective in persuading consumers to purchase the product or patronize the service.
  1. Briefly describe the product or service. The more unusual or different it is, the more time...
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