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Poetry Analysis
  1. The speaker of Donne’s “The Flea” attempts to convince someone to sleep with him. Is his case compelling? Does the speaker make an effective argument that sleeping with him is a good idea? What poetic strategies does the speaker use to make his case convincingly? What poetic strategies does the speaker use that might undermine his case?
  2. Is the speaker of Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 20” a misogynist? Why or why...
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Fiat Mio
Open innovation crowdsourcing and creative commons in the automotive industryFiat Mio: The Project that embraced open innovation, crowd sourcing and creative commons in the automotive industry Answer the following questions * What did both Fiat and the participants gain from the open innovation experience? Draw up a list benefit for each. * If the fiat Mio was merely a prototype that would never be produced or marketed, what...
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Book Review – 1984 by George Orwell
1984 versus today: doing extensive sociological and literary research to form a coherent well thought out compare and contrast argument paper on the novel 1984 versus the political, military, and social climate in America today.
  1. Read 1984 or an extensive synopsis of themes characters and principles.
  1. Write three to five sentences or more on the main ideas in each chapter for the entire novel.
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Book Review – The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Anne FadimanAssignment Overview:Anne Fadiman's The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down explores various Hmong cultural practices and beliefs, some of which may seem unusual in mainstream U.S. society and other cultures. In particular, through her study of one Hmong girl's family and of Hmong cultural history, Fadiman highlights differences between Hmong and Western perspectives on...
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Technology Assignment
  1. Quantified and connected lives
  • Think about how you use social media. Are you conscious of creating a record – a lifelog – as you go about your social media activity? Or is your logging incidental? ‘Observe’ your use of social media and lifelogging tools for a single day and present a ‘day in the life’, reflecting on your purposeful and incidental logging and quantifying activities. You...
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Ishmael Book Review Assignment
You have three goals for this assignment:
  1. Read the Book Ishmael and demonstrate that you understand what the author, Daniel Quinn, is trying to say.
  2. Read scholarly texts on the subject and asses how Quinn's arguments hold up.
  3. Come up with a personal opinion of the book's importance and relevance to you and your life.
Read chapters from The Original Affluent Society and The Blade and use them to...
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Anthropology Assignment Sample
Answer all of the following five questions. Be specific and detail-oriented. Use proper anthropological terms.
  1. Using the rights allocated to marriage partners, argue whether same sex marriage is culturally feasible or not.
  2. Is gender equality attainable? Why or why not? Explain, use examples.
  3. Discuss differences and similarities between French and British colonial systems. How the colonial powers impacted the colonized populations?
  4. Is culture change inevitable? Why or why not?...
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