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Sportswear 1. What items does the company…

Columbia Sportswear1. What items does the company list in the Property and Equipment category? Select “Yes” or “No”.a. Furniture and fixturesb. Inventoriesc. Leasehold improvementsd. Construction in progress2. What method is used to depreciate the operating assets?3. What is the estimated useful life of the operating assets?The estimated useful lives are: buildings and improvements, _______ and machinery and equipment, _________, ___________ are depreciated over the estimated useful life.4. What are the accumulated depreciation and book values of property and equipment for the most recent fiscal year? Enter dollar amounts in thousands. For example $357,390,000 would be entered as 357390.Accumulated depreciation $______________Book Values $_____________5. Were any assets purchased or sold during the most recent fiscal year?

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