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Description The Greatest GenerationPAGES 105- 138* This assignment may take more than a page. * The one source is the book. (cite pages) 1. So who was Bob Bush and what was his childhood like? How do you think his childhood directly impacted his adult life? What were conditions like at Okinawa (internet research)? Do you think that you could have done what Bush did at the age of 17 – 20 yrs old at Okinawa? What part did Bush’s wife, Wanda, play into all of her husband’s successes? 2. Who was Joe Foss and what do you think Brokaw means when he calls him the “quintessential World War II hero” on page 115? What was life like for an American pilot during WWII? 3. Who was Leonard “Bud” Lomell? Where is/was Pointe-du-Hoc during the D-Day invasion (internet research) and what were conditions like for Americans at that exact spot during the invasion? What was the G.I. Bill and how did it help veterans like Lomell? How do you think WWII impacted and shaped Lomell’s life after the war?


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Topic: Effectiveness of nursing interventions for juvenile cancer patients: A review of the Literature

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Topic: A comparative study of JohaMnine and Synoptic Theology

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